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What We Do ?

Genuine Tracking Solutions provides powerful end-to-end telematics solutions and is the resource management system of choice by leading local and international corporations and Small Business. G.T.S. telematics technology creates solutions that give every All our Clients the tools and data they need to improve inefficiencies, reduce waste, and build service levels, making real business improvements to cut costs and increase revenues.


As an end-to-end telematics provider G.T.S. offers:

  • GPS location based services
  • Predictive fleet maintenance
  • Driver activity risk and safety scoring
  • Time and compliance
  • Fleet security & much more
  • Tailored solutions for almost anything you can imagine
  • Detailed Reports
  • Remote vehicle control anywhere on the Globe
  • Safety and compliance



Our History

Genuine Tracking Solutions began its operations in July 2008, and by year 2011 G.T.S was officially founded in North America.

As one of the most innovative and fastest growing GPS companies, Genuine tracking solutions & technologies are now among the top solutions sold and marketed worldwide. It all starts with our innovation and development center. GTS inc provides quality GPS telematics hardware and software. Our Production is facility is Stationed in Hamilton Ontario since 2009. We are proud to say our outreach is currently quite domestic and rapidly International as our Team works hard on providing the perfect product with a cost price.  With our patented algorithms, Genuine Tracking Solutions quality telematics data stand apart from other basic data recorders, our staff of software engineers focus on quality innovation that serve to enhance the value of the data. Through our agility to be on the front line in GPs technology, quality and value, Genuine Tracking Solutions has become the trusted GPS Solutions provider. With over 10 years of experience in Municipal, private, Industrial, commercial small or personal sectors we do have the means and know how to help your business grow and see a rapid return on Investment.



Genuine Tracking was founded on basic Principals that are dear to us:

  • Client is KING
  • Accommodation Integration
  • Nothing is Impossible
  • War room mentality
  • Rapid response
  • Focused on Reducing Client costs
  • Bottom line for all



Our Culture

Over the past decade, we have built G.T.S culture into what it is today – a place where innovations and ideas become realities. We take pride in our culture and open communication and accommodation. All of our various departments, ranging from IT, engineering, sales, and marketing work together, to collaborate as a unifying force to exceed quality standards and present solutions that are not only ahead of competitors, but are in great demand by small businesses, large enterprises and re-sellers. We provide the means for all businesses to have this GPS technology, cost effectively and promptly. Our culture is to accommodate to any solution and make everything possible for the lowest cost.

Best Price for Your Budget

Best Price for Your Budget


Our Markets

  • Fleet Solution: Delivery Fleets
  • Fleet Solution: Back up cameras
  • Fleet Solution: Radios
  • Fleet Solution: Marine
  • Fleet Solution: Construction
  • Fleet Solution: Service Fleets
  • Fleet Solution: Government Fleets
  • Fleet Solution: EMS Fleets
  • Fleet Solution: Public Utilities
  • Fleet Solution: HAZMAT
  • Fleet Solution: School Bus
  • Fleet Solution: Rental and Leasing Companies
  • Construction and Heavy equipment







Our Genuine Coverage

Bell Coverage & 1X

Bell Coverage


Rogers Wireless

Rogers Coverage


Glob Sat Coverage

Sat Coverage

Iridium Coverage


Verizon Coverage

USA Coverage





Genuine Tracking solutions is here to serve you and your companies needs because with us any Business can become a Genuine ONE.

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