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Management System

School Bus Fleet Management System, with the combination of Circle Check Electronic System and Student Ridership Management System,a local web-based cloud platform that provides real-time analytics and offers the most advanced insight into your fleet operation to achieve the highest standard of safety and fleet efficiency.

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Your Student

Genuine Tracking Solution's Student Ridership Management System(RMS) with real-time tracking of students and buses, brings parents and school officials a peace of mind which makes their day easier.


Your Student

GTS Student is a free App that keeps the parents and school officials informed, via push notifications, with the estimated time and distance of the bus upon arrival to a specific stop and the time and location that the kids got on and off the bus.

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GTS Student Tracking Supports Various SchoolBus Providers Across The GTA

Genuine Tracking Solutions inc.(GTS) is a family owned local GPS provider that specializes in tailoring end-to-end fleet management solutions that enable companies to easily track a fleet of vehicles and accurately measure productivity on a single web-based platform.

Since 2009 with over 20 years experience serving logistical clients we have gained substantial knowledge into what industries needs are. With our tailored platform solutions, companies leverage data insights, analytics and optimization tools for economic advantage, by promoting safety and compliance. Through our genuine products we are better able to apply our technology into the Public Transit sectors.

By working with our local School Bus carriers in Toronto, GTS was able to create a modern School Bus Management System which enables full automation of daily activities including accounting solutions. By promoting our values towards innovation and budget, GTS has implemented cutting edge solutions that stand out above our competition.

Focusing on our most vulnerable is our Genuine Mission!

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